Our history

Our partner is located in Essaouira, a beautiful fishing town in Morocco. The priority of this cooperative is to promote the work of women. About thirty women have joined forces to extract argan oil in a workshop where the entire production process can be followed live. It is of the utmost importance to us that each step of this process be carried out transparently, that the hard work of women is appreciated and that their efforts are richly rewarded. Thanks to cooperatives, argan oil has considerably improved the ecological balance and the economic situation of the population in Morocco. With the production of argan oil, a thousand women can provide the livelihood of about 6000 people! And we are doing our part. On the one hand, by supporting women and ensuring the continuity of the cooperative. On the other hand, we absolutely want the cultivation of the argan tree to remain in the hands of the women themselves. Women don't care about cosmetic companies that run this product profitably. Oil has been invaluable for centuries and this value must be protected. In 1999, UNESCO fortunately decided to add the argan tree to the world heritage list. 


Our mission


Our mission is to provide you, as a customer, the best and purest natural products at a fair price. Whatever you put on your body, you also need to be able to eat. After all, it all ends up in your blood in 26 seconds. It is therefore essential to only use 100% natural products.


In addition, ArGand also gives a boost to the empowerment of women who devote daily hours in the traditional way to this miracle product. We want to bring out the best of both worlds, namely Ghent, a city that gives us every opportunity, and Essaouira, a picturesque city in Morocco, where our roots lie.