Culinary argan oil: tasty, healthy and essential in the kitchen

Culinary argan oil is the roasted version of cosmetic argan oil. The oil is packed with vitamin E and aids your digestion, which will help you lose weight. Vitamin E acts as a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals, which are the causes of various types of cancer. Culinary argan oil also lowers your cholesterol levels, improves your brain functions, helps prevent diabetes, and helps balance your blood sugar. “A spoonful of oil a day does wonders for your body,” said the Berbers who discovered this oil. Today, several chefs use argan oil in various dishes, as a dressing for salads and as an ingredient for many treats. Below are a number of recipes for getting started with culinary argan oil. Do not use argan oil for cooking, as many vitamins and minerals are lost when heated. So use argan oil in your cooking sooner after preparation and as a seasoning for your meal.

ArGand culinary argan oil: your recipes (coming soon in English)

Olives à l'huile d'argan

Tajine d'agneau

Chermoula (marinade)




Hachez finement la coriandre et le persil. Epluchez les gousses d'ail, coupez-les en 4 et écrasez-les au pilon. Versez le mélange dans un bol et ajoutez l'huile d'argan pure, le cumin, le paprika, le poivre du moulin, le sel et le poivre et mélangez.