Where is the argan tree located?


The argan tree is a specific Moroccan tree. The "Way of the argan tree" forms a loop from Marrakech via Essaouira, Taroudant, Tiznit, Tafraout, Guelmim, Agadir, in the outskirts of Marrakech and back. Argan oil has played an extremely important socio-economic and ecological role for several years. In addition to providing pasture, oil and firewood, the "Way of the Argan Tree" provides a guaranteed income to around 3 million people in rural areas. The "Argan forest" brings stability, security and thus limits the rural exodus. Argan oil appeared on the international market quite modestly in the 2000s, but it quickly gained recognition for its many benefits.

What does argan oil consist of?


1. Unsaturated and essential fatty acids: Omega 9 and Omega 6. These fatty acids are a powerful moisturizer for the skin and fight premature aging of the skin.

2. Vitamin E: a powerful biological antioxidant

3. Ferulic acid: this acid prevents aging of the skin and protects it against the harmful effects of free radicals.

4. Sterols: improve skin metabolism.

5. Squalene: is a natural bacterial killer and is used in the treatment of dermatitis and skin cancer.

6. Polyphenols: fight inflammation and help prevent allergic reactions.


How is argan oil produced?


When the fruits of the argan tree are ripe (June-July), they are carefully stripped of their pulp. The core is broken with stones and the grains are dried in barrels of earth. They are then roasted and heated over low heat. When the toasted almonds have cooled, they are crushed in a hand mill. The brown dough is kneaded with hot water for a while. To extract the oil, the dough is pressed with the hands until it is hard. If you leave the resulting oil, the brown color and nutty taste become clear. In the case of cosmetic argan oil, the grid step is skipped.


Pure argan oil: 7 quality tips


1. Ingredients: 100% argan oil, no more no less.

2. Bottle: Avoid argan oil in plastic bottles. Always keep the oil out of direct sunlight.

3. Price: There is no such thing as cheap argan oil!

4. Odor: Crude argan oil has a nutty odor.

5. Structure: Argan oil should be smooth and soft like silk.

6. Sediment: Genuine argan oil often has a bit of sediment on the bottom. Fake oil is often very clear.

7. Result: The evidence speaks for itself.